How to Perform a Simple Google Business Profile Audit (2023)

Enter the Google Business Profile Audit—a straightforward process that can significantly impact how your business manages and optimises your Google Business Profile.

Understanding the Importance of a Google Business Profile Audit

What Is a Google Business Profile Audit?

A Google Business Profile audit is a comprehensive examination of your business’s online listing on Google. 

It involves scrutinizing your Google Business Profile to ensure that all the information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and visually appealing. 

Think of it as a health check for your online storefront.

Why Is a Google Business Profile Audit Important?

Imagine you’re planning to try out a new restaurant in town. 

You search for it on Google and find two profiles. 

One has a complete and accurate address, up-to-date images, and glowing reviews. 

The other has outdated information, blurry photos, and negative feedback. 

Which one would you choose? 

Most customers opt for the first option.

That’s why a Google Business Profile audit is crucial. 

It directly impacts your online reputation and, in turn, your ability to attract and retain customers. 

Inaccurate or outdated information can lead to confusion, missed opportunities, and even lost revenue. 

Regular audits help you put your best foot forward online.

Steps to Conducting a Google Business Profile Audit

Now that we understand why this audit is essential, let’s dive into the practical steps to perform it.

1. Reviewing Basic Business Information

Start by ensuring that your business name, address, phone number (NAP), and hours of operation are accurate. 

Misinformation can lead to frustrated customers who might visit when you’re closed or end up at the wrong location.

2. Evaluating Visual Content

Visuals matter. Check if your profile includes high-quality images that represent your business. 

Blurry or outdated pictures can deter potential customers. 

Imagine a landscaping company showcasing pictures of a garden they worked on; the before-and-after shots would tell a compelling story.

3. Analyzing Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are gold. 

Pay attention to them, and respond to feedback—both positive and negative. 

Engaging with customers online can demonstrate your commitment to excellent service. 

Remember, a polite and constructive response to a negative review can win back a customer.

4. Assessing Google Posts and Updates

Keep your Google Posts fresh and engaging. 

These updates are an excellent way to communicate news, events, promotions, and stories about your business. 

A well-maintained post section shows customers that your business is active and thriving.

5. Checking for NAP Consistency

Consistency is key. Ensure that your NAP data is consistent across all online platforms, including your website, social media profiles, and online directories.

This consistency not only helps customers but also boosts your search engine ranking.

Common Issues Uncovered in a Google Business Profile Audit

During your audit, you may come across common issues that need addressing. 

These include:

Inaccurate Information: 

Incorrect details, such as wrong opening hours, can mislead customers and result in missed opportunities.

Poor Image Quality: 

Low-quality images don’t represent your business well and can deter potential customers.

Negative Reviews and Low Ratings: 

Address negative reviews promptly and work on improving your ratings.

Outdated or Irrelevant Posts: 

Stale posts don’t convey an active business. 

Keep your content fresh and engaging.

Inconsistent NAP Data

A lack of consistency in your business information can confuse customers and negatively impact your online presence.

Benefits of Regular Google Business Profile Audits

Performing regular Google Business Profile audits offers numerous benefits, including:

Improved Online Visibility

By maintaining an accurate and up-to-date profile, your business is more likely to appear in relevant search results, attracting potential customers.

Enhanced User Experience

A well-organized and informative profile makes it easier for customers to engage with your business and find the information they need.

Increased Customer Trust

An accurate and well-maintained profile fosters trust. 

Customers are more likely to choose a business that presents itself professionally and accurately.

Competitive Advantage

Outperforming competitors in the digital realm is an achievable goal. Regular audits ensure you stay ahead in the online game.

Tools and Resources for a Comprehensive Google Business Profile Audit

To perform a comprehensive Google Business Profile audit, you can use various tools and resources, such as:

Google My Business Dashboard

Your Google My Business dashboard is a central hub for managing your profile. 

It provides insights and tools to help you optimize your online presence.

For some extra help, check out our how-to interpret Google Business Profile Insights Post

Third-party Audit Tools

Numerous third-party tools and services are designed to assist in the audit process. 

Some great tools like Google My Business Everywhere, can really help ease the process of a Google Business Profile Audit process by providing valuable insights and information.

Expert Consultation

For businesses seeking a more in-depth audit, consider consulting with experts in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Their expertise can provide you with the right information to take your profile to the next level.


In conclusion, a Google Business Profile audit is a powerful tool that can help your business understand the most important optimisations for your profiles. 

To begin optimising your profile, have a look at our complete Google business profile guide to help you through your optimisation.

So, are you going to audit your profile today so you can start your optimisations?


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By Luke Elwes
Updated October 19, 2023
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