Helping Businesses Dominate their Future with SEO.

There’s a burning desire change in the SEO industry.

We’re here to ignite it.


Dear Business Owner

Like you, we ventured into the SEO world only to discover a recurring problem…

Hard-working entrepreneurs, determined to succeed despite the obstacles, were getting lost in the ever changing landscape of SEO.

Managing operations, engaging new customers, financial tracking, strategic planning, all while keeping up with the unpredictable world of SEO – it seemed like there was never enough time.

Then came the Google updates, shifting the landscape unexpectedly.

Keyword trends, changes in local search, it felt like aiming at a moving target.

All this effort, yet the shots kept missing.

Looking for assistance, entrepreneurs turned to SEO providers.

Instead of a helping hand, they found overpromising agencies.

“‘We’ll rank your page #1 in a week'”

“20 high-quality backlinks by next Friday”

Tempting promises led them into a trap.

When the realization set in, it was too late.

Impersonal service, unclear communications, no real change.

The SEO industry was failing the very people it was supposed to assist.

But what if there was another way? What if an SEO agency could actually understand your business needs and work in your best interests?

Enter RankRoc.

Were here to make business owners feel proud to work with an SEO company again.


Meet RankRoc – a two-man team ready to revolutionise the relationship between business owners and SEO.

We’re not another faceless corporation; we’re people, like you.

We understand that businesses aren’t grown on templates, and our services follow suit.

Our commitment: Develop personalised, efficient SEO solutions to take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best: runnning your business. 

Here are the Co-Founders of RankRoc, Arthur OToole and Luke Elwes


We employ clear, honest, no-nonsense approaches to all aspects of business.

Our services are tailored to you, prioritizing direct and open communication at every step.

Our objective: Faciliate your digital growth while you remain in control of your strategy.

We dedicate ourselves to crafting budget-friendly, long-term SEO strategies that continuously adapt to Google’s changing.

Meet the Team.

CEO & Co-Founder at RankRoc - Arthur OToole

Arthur OToole


Meet Arthur, our 20-year old co-founder from Norwich.

He’s a tech and SEO enthusiast, gym fanatic, and a strategic mathmatical thinker educated at Framlingham College, Suffolk.

With a keen interest in innovation and autonomy, he continously refines his approaches and thinking.

With a unique blend of creativity and logic, problem-solving ability, and a commitment to sustainable growth, Arthur is a rising star in the digital marketing world.

CMD Co-Founder at RankRoc - Luke Elwes

Luke Elwes


Meet Luke, our co-founder from Courchevel, France. He’s a fitness lover with a passion for SEO and deep physchological thinking.

Luke believes in ‘people first’, a trait that shines in his relationships.

His attention to detail and empathetic nature make him a key player at RankRoc.

When his strength in building partnerships combines with Arthur’s innovative, big picture approach, they form a duo ready to make waves in digital marketing.

Our Core Values.

Unique Approach to Business

We dare to be different. We provide a more personal touch compared to traditional agencies.

From direct phone communication to tailoring to needs, we strive to make your experience special.

Honesty and Integrity Focused

We prioritize transparency, accountability, and respect in our business.

We’re not just about making profits; we’re committed to providing truly beneficial services to our clients.

Community over Corporation

We value long-term, meaningful relationships over corporate transactions.

Our goal is to foster a vibrant community of growth and shared success.

Embracing Setbacks and Mistakes

We’re not afraid of mistakes or setbacks. We see them as stepping stones to growth.

The only rule we follow is never to repeat the same mistake twice.

Results Driven SEO for Growth

We focus on effective, organic SEO strategies to drive growth and success.

We utilize only the most trusted and proven techniques, maximizing efficiency and results.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our thirst for knowledge is un-matched and are passion is next to none.

We continuously refine our strategies, analyze data, and learn from industry leaders to stay at the forefront of SEO changes.

You know us:
Now we want to know you.

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