Google Business Profile Hours: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

One often-overlooked detail that can significantly impact your online presence and customer experience is your (GBP) Google Business Profile Hours.

What are Google Business Profile Hours?

Let’s start with the basics. 

Google Business Profile Hours, sometimes referred to simply as “business hours,” are the operating hours during which your business is open to serve customers. 

These hours are a critical piece of information that can influence whether potential customers choose your business over competitors.

Importance of Accurate Hours

Accurate hours instil confidence in customers and can be the deciding factor in whether they visit your establishment.

Ensuring that if they pick your business to resolve their needs at that moment you will be open and there to help.

So, not having clear business hours can lead to the possibility that customers won’t be sure if you are open or not and end up not taking a chance and just going somewhere else.

Where do Google Business Profile Hours Appear?

Your GBP Hours appear in several prominent places. 

They are showcased on your Google Business Profile when users search for your business or click on it. 

Additionally, they can be seen on Google Maps, which many people rely on for navigation. 

Accurate hours ensure that potential customers know when they can expect your doors to be open.

Setting Your Google Business Profile Hours

Now that you understand the importance of GBP Hours, let’s explore how to set them up correctly.

Accessing Your Google Business Profile

To manage your business hours, you need to access your Google Business Profile. 

If you haven’t claimed or created your profile yet, it’s a straightforward process.

Just visit the Google Business Profile website, follow the steps to verify your ownership, and you’ll gain access to all the profile management tools.

For more information on Google Business Profiles, check out our Complete Google Business Profile Guide (2023)

Editing Business Hours

Once you’re in, navigate to the “Info” tab. 

Here, you’ll find an option to set your business hours. 

Ensure that you enter the correct opening and closing times for each day of the week. 

If you have specific hours for holidays or exceptions, you can add those as well.

Special Hours for Holidays and Exceptions

Speaking of holidays, it’s crucial to update your GBP Hours during special occasions. 

Make sure your business hours are correct for national holidays or bank holidays to make sure that if everyone else is off work, they know you are open for business!

It’s a thoughtful touch that can prevent disappointed customers and help you manage expectations.

Best Practices for Google Business Profile Hours

Now that you’ve set your GMB Hours, it’s time to consider some best practices to make the most of this feature.

Consistency and Accuracy

Consistency is key. 

Ensure that your GBP Hours align with your actual operating hours.

Any discrepancies can lead to frustrated customers who show up when you’re closed, leading to lost customers and the possibility of unneeded negative reviews.

Updating Hours in Real-Time

Life happens, and sometimes you need to adjust your hours on short notice. 

Whether it’s due to inclement weather, unexpected events, or holidays, make real-time updates to your GBP Hours to avoid confusion.

Communicating Unexpected Closures

If your business faces an unexpected closure, such as a power outage or a sudden staff shortage, promptly update your profile to inform customers. 

It’s a small gesture that can go a long way in building trust and goodwill with current and potential new customers.

Optimizing Google Business Profile Hours

Beyond ensuring accuracy and real-time updates, optimizing your GBP Hours can help your business thrive.

Impact on Search Results

Google takes your business hours into account when ranking search results. 

Accurate hours can boost your visibility, especially when users specify “open now” in their searches.

Customer Trust and Reliability

Consistently accurate hours build trust. 

Customers are more likely to choose a business they can rely on, which can result in repeat visits and positive reviews.

Competing Effectively in Local Searches

In local search results, accurate GBP Hours can set you apart from competitors. 

When users see that your business is open when they need it, you’re more likely to capture their business.


In conclusion, Google Business Profile Hours may seem like a minor detail, but they can have a significant impact on your business’s online effectiveness. 

So remember to keep your business hours updated and accurate to ensure your customers are happy and can reach you when they need it!

So what’s your next move, updating your hours?

Or adding some special hours for the holidays?


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By Luke Elwes
Updated October 04, 2023
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