How to Add Google Business Profile Products Easily & Effectively in 2023

Google Business Profile Products (GBP Products) are a powerful tool that allows businesses to connect with potential customers. 

One of the key features that can make fully optimise your Google Business Profile stand out is the ability to add products. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Google Business Profile Products understanding how they work, who can use them, what types of products you can add, and a step-by-step walkthrough to integrate them effectively.

Understanding Google Business Profile Products Integration

Before we dive into the practical aspects, it’s essential to understand the significance of adding products to your Google Business Profile.

When you incorporate products into your profile, you’re essentially providing potential customers with a glimpse of what you offer.

It’s like having a digital storefront where people can browse and learn about your offerings even before stepping into your physical location or visiting your website.

Who Can Add Products to Their Google Business Profile?

Now that we recognize the importance of Google Business Profile Products, let’s clarify who can leverage this feature. 

Google has made it relatively accessible for business owners. 

If you’ve claimed your business on Google, you likely have the privilege to add products. 

This feature is especially valuable for businesses in various industries, from restaurants showcasing their menu items to retail stores highlighting their latest arrivals.

What Types of Products Can You Add to Your Google Business Profile?

The versatility of Google Business Profile Products is impressive.

You can showcase a wide array of products that suit your business. 

For instance, a clothing store can display clothing items, accessories, or even seasonal collections. 

A restaurant, on the other hand, can showcase menu items, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Products to Your Google Business Profile

Now, let’s get practical and explore how you can seamlessly add products to your Google Business Profile. 

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Product Editor

Start by logging into your Google Business account. 

Once you’re in, navigate to the “Product Editor” section.

Familiarize yourself with the layout and options available. This is where the magic happens.

Step 2: Confirm Eligibility for Product Posting

Before diving in, ensure that your business category is eligible for product posting. 

Google may have specific guidelines, and it’s crucial to comply with them.

Step 3: Access Your Google Business Profile

From your dashboard, go to your Google Business Profile. 

Click on the “Products” tab to begin adding your offerings.

Step 4: Adding Products to Your Profile

Here’s the fun part. Start adding your products one by one.

 Include high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and pricing information. 

Make your products visually appealing to capture the attention of potential customers.

Step 5: Previewing Product Details

Take a moment to review the product details you’ve added. 

Ensure that everything is accurate, and there are no typos or errors. 

This step is crucial in presenting a professional image.

Step 6: Editing or Removing Products When Needed

As your business evolves, so will your product offerings. 

The Product Editor allows you to easily edit or remove products as necessary.

Keep your profile up-to-date to reflect your current offerings accurately.

The Impact of Utilising Your Google Business Profile Products

Now that you’ve learned how to add products let’s explore the impact of this feature on your business profile.

Pros of Adding Products

1. Enhanced Visibility:

By showcasing your products, you increase your profile’s visibility in relevant search results.

2. Improved Engagement:

Products catch the eye and engage potential customers, encouraging them to explore your business further.

3. Enhanced Information:

 Products provide valuable information about your business offerings, helping customers make informed decisions.

Cons to Consider

1. Maintenance: Regularly updating your product listings can be time-consuming.

2. Competition:

 Your competitors may also be using this feature, so staying competitive is essential.

3. Relevance:

 Ensure that the products you display remain relevant to your business.


In conclusion, integrating your Google Business Profile Products is a strategic move that can elevate your online presence.

It offers a compelling visual experience, engages potential customers, and provides valuable information.

Are you going to upload your first Google Business Product today?


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By Luke Elwes
Updated October 06, 2023
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