Google Business Profile Services & How to Easily Add Them to Your Profile (2023)

If you’re looking to make your business shine in the digital realm, optimizing your Google Business Profile Services can be a crucial piece to this.

One key aspect is adding your services to your profile.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you make the most of this feature.

How to Add Your Business Services to Your Google Business Profile

Step 1: Access Your Profile

The journey begins by logging into your Google Business account and accessing your profile.

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google yet, it’s time to do so.

This step is essential as it allows you to take control of your business’s online presence.

Step 2: Tap “Info” or “Edit Profile”

Once you’re inside your profile, locate the “Info” or “Edit Profile” section.

This is your gateway to managing the information displayed on your Google Business Profile.

Step 3: Select “Services”

Within the “Info” or “Edit Profile” section, you’ll find a range of options. Look for “Services” and select it.

This is where you’ll define and showcase the services your business offers.

Step 4: Add Your Google Business Profile Services

Now comes the fun part!

You’ll see an option to add your services.

Take your time to provide detailed descriptions of each service you offer.

Be clear and concise, making it easy for potential customers to understand what sets your business apart.

Step 5: Edit Your Google Business Profile Services

Remember, your services may evolve over time.

Perhaps you’ve introduced new offerings or refined existing ones.

In this step, you have the flexibility to edit and update your Google Business Profile services as needed.

Keep your profile fresh and reflective of your current offerings.

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Don’t forget to save your changes!

It’s a simple yet critical step.

After all your hard work crafting appealing service descriptions, ensure they go live on your profile by hitting that “Save” button.

The Impact of Listing Services on a Google Business Profile

Now that you’ve mastered the art of adding services let’s talk about why it matters.

Listing your Google Business Profile services has a significant impact on how potential customers perceive and engage with your business.

Imagine you’re a local bakery, and someone is searching for “custom cakes near me.”

Thanks to the services you’ve added, your bakery pops up in their search results.

Your potential customers can now easily see that you offer custom cake creations, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your bakery over competitors who may not have specified their services.

Where Do Services Show Up on a Google Business Profile

But where exactly do your listed services show up?

The answer is simple – they appear prominently on your Google Business Profile.

When potential customers visit your profile, they’ll find a dedicated section showcasing the services you offer.

How the Services Editor Works

You might be wondering about the technicalities of the services editor.

Fortunately, Google has designed it to be user-friendly.

You don’t need to be a tech guru to update your services.

The editor provides a straightforward interface where you can make changes with ease.

How to Write About Your Services

Crafting compelling service descriptions is an art.

Consider what your customers want to know.

What pain points do your services solve?

What unique features or benefits do you offer?

Use language that resonates with your target audience, and don’t shy away from including keywords related to your services.

Other Ways to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

While adding services is a significant step, it’s not the only way to optimize your Google Business Profile.

Consider adding high-quality photos, responding to reviews, and regularly updating your business hours and contact information.

For further information on how you can optimise your Google Business Profile have a look at our Complete Google Business Profile Guide.


Your GBP is your digital storefront, and by effectively showcasing your Google Business Profile services, you’re helping customers realise quicker that you are the solution to their problems.

So, go ahead, make those updates to your services today, or add your first Google business profile services to your profile!


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By Luke Elwes
Updated October 06, 2023
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