Google Business Profile Keywords & How to Use Them Effectively in 2023

Optimising your (GBP) Google Business Profile keywords is a vital step in teh process of harnessing your profiles full potential.

You need to understand and implement these keywords effectively.

Understanding Google Business Profile Keywords

What Are Google Business Profile Keywords?

Google Business Profile keywords are specific words and phrases that describe your business, products, or services. 

These keywords help your profile appear in relevant search results when potential customers are looking for businesses like yours on Google. 

Essentially, they are the bridge that connects your business to potential customers in the digital landscape.

The key to using Google Business Profile keywords effectively is to think about what your potential customers might search for. 

If you run a bakery, your keywords might include “fresh pastries,” “artisan bread,” or “custom cakes.” 

These terms are the linchpin that guides your customers to your doorstep.

Why Are Google Business Profile Keywords Important?

Keywords are the lifeblood of online search. 

When people look for information, products, or services on Google, they typically use specific keywords to find what they need. 

If your Google Business Profile is well-optimized with the right keywords, it stands a higher chance of appearing in relevant search results. 

This means more potential customers will discover your business and, hopefully, become paying customers.

How to Research Effective Keywords for Your Google Business Profile

Conducting Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of a well-optimized Google Business Profile. 

To find the right keywords, you’ll need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. 

Ask yourself, “What would I search for if I were looking for my own business?”

In addition to brainstorming, you can use keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to discover the most relevant and popular keywords for your industry. 

These tools provide insights into search volumes, competition, and related keywords.

For instance, if you run a pet grooming salon, keyword research may reveal that “dog grooming,” “cat grooming,” and “pet spa” are highly searched terms. 

Incorporating these Google business profile keywords into your profile will increase your visibility to potential customers.

Analyzing Competitor Keywords

Competitor analysis is a powerful strategy for discovering effective keywords. 

Look at the Google Business Profile keywords of your competitors and see which they are using. 

This can give you valuable insights into what keywords are working in your industry.

Suppose you find that a competing pet grooming salon is successfully using the keyword “professional pet groomers.” 

It might be worth adding this keyword to your profile to increase your chances of attracting potential customers who are searching for professional services.

Long-Tail Keywords for Google Business Profiles

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that target a niche audience. 

While they may not have the same search volume as broad keywords, they can be highly effective in driving relevant traffic to your Google Business Profile.

Continuing with the pet grooming salon example, long-tail keywords like “organic dog shampoo” or “cat nail trimming” cater to customers with very specific needs. 

By including these long-tail keywords, you’ll attract a smaller but more targeted group of potential customers.

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile with Keywords

Keyword Placement in Business Descriptions

Once you’ve identified your target Google Business Profile keywords, it’s essential to place them strategically within your business description. 

Your business description is the text that appears on your Google Business Profile, summarizing what your business is all about.

Incorporate your primary keywords naturally in the description, ensuring that it reads well and provide a clear understanding of your business. 

For our bakery example, your description might include phrases like “We offer a wide range of artisan bread” or “Indulge in our delightful custom cakes.”

Using Keywords in Business Categories

Selecting the right business categories on your Google Business Profile is another critical aspect of optimization. 

Google uses these categories to understand your business and match it with relevant searches. 

Ensure that your chosen categories align with your keywords.

For the pet grooming salon, you’d want to select categories like “Pet Grooming Service” or “Animal Spa.” 

This tells Google’s algorithms that your business provides services related to those categories.

Here is our complete Google Business Profile Category list for 2023.

Using Keywords in Products & Services

The Products & Services section on your Google Business Profile is an excellent place to showcase your offerings and incorporate new google business profile keywords. 

List your products or services and describe them using your target keywords.

For example, if you offer “dog grooming services” at your pet grooming salon, make sure to elaborate on the services and use related keywords like “dog shampoo,” “nail trimming,” or “fur styling.”

The Importance of Google Posts

Google Posts is a relatively new feature that allows you to create short, timely updates that appear on your Google Business Profile. 

These posts can be used to highlight promotions, events, and other time-sensitive information.

Using keywords in your Google Posts is essential because it can boost the visibility of your profile for specific search queries. 

If you’re running a bakery and want to promote a “fresh pastry sale,” including the keyword “fresh pastries” in your post can attract more customers searching for this specific treat.

Encouraging Customer Reviews with Keywords

Positive reviews play a significant role in boosting your Google Business Profile’s visibility and credibility. 

Encourage your customers to leave reviews, and don’t forget to include keywords in those reviews. 

For example, if a satisfied customer writes, “The custom cakes from this bakery are amazing,” it reinforces the importance of “custom cakes” as a keyword for your business.

Genuine, keyword-rich reviews help improve your profile’s ranking for those specific terms.


In conclusion, by researching, optimizing, and strategically placing these google business profile keywords, you can significantly improve your profile’s visibility and increase the chances of attracting more customers.

So it’s vital to understand how and where you can use them to optimise your profile.

Here’s our complete guide on Google Business Profiles for some extra help on optimisation.

What are you going to optimise first?

Your posts, products or your description?


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By Luke Elwes
Updated October 18, 2023
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